Women and Career

Women and Career

Today’s woman is intelligent, responsible and career oriented. Career to her is as important and significant as is for her male counterpart.

Today she seeks an equal opportunity and status as is given to men. She also seeks lesser or no financial dependency on her family. Unfortunately in our male dominated society women were always taken as casual workers or somone who cannot take responsibilities. This notion is fastly being proven wrong and today you see women in multinational corps, foreign banks, and private organisations working at high ranking posts and are managing male assistants and proving their mettles to their peers. But still there is a barricade for women to excell. A serious threat to the world of male professionals who opine she can do it professionaly better and effectively.

First Women Bank, the first ever bank in the history of Pakistan emerged as the first financial institution to give economic strength to the women of Pakistan. Not only did it provided job opportunities to them, but also provided loans for women entrepreneur who had ideas and vision but no financial strength. The results are today 14,569 women have been financed to the deserving professionals and entrepreneur who are now not only financially self supporting but have provided opportunities to other women workers.

If you are also one of those aspirants who dream one day will change the history and emerge as a self employeed careerwoman then opportunity is knocking at your doorstep. Furthermore how you can get these loans log on to the site of First Women Bank by clicking on the link given below.